The next class at Harvest Bible Training Center begins Tuesday September 8th. It is entitled Lampstands and Leadership.

Here is the course description:

Lampstands and Leadership

Every child of a God is called to lead others to Christ, by example and action. Some are called to be captains of tens, of fifties, of hundreds, and thousands. A number are called to lead in the church. Many are called to lead in the home. And most are called to lead those who are younger and less experienced. We will rule cities, we will judge angels, and we will point a dying world to the way of Truth. This class examines leadership and being a light according to God’s ways, principles, and examples. 

The class begins Tuesday September 8th and will run for 8 weeks on Tuesday nights. We will end the week before the election. We will meet from 7:00-8:30pm in the fellowship hall.

The cost is $30 for one person. $45 per couple. And for families it is +$5 for each additional member. As always, if the cost is a hurdle right now then just let us know.

If you have a medical concern, are uncomfortable coming together, or your schedule prohibits then you can take the class remotely, please contact us for details.

You can find the schedule and registration forms here.