Course List

Harvest Bible Training Center

Tier one Courses

The Name of Jesus
The life of Christ, starting in Philippians 2:5-11 and building out from there: covering the foretelling of His arrival, His birth, life, death, Resurrection, and His place as the Head of the Body. Topics include redemption, atonement, the Blood, sonship, authority, priesthood and kingship of all Believers and chiefly love.

The Works and Ways of the Holy Spirit
Who the Holy Spirit is and what He is here to do. How He operates, His personality, mission, and role in the body of Christ. Including insight into spiritual gifts and focusing on the critical importance of how to be led by the Spirit in everyday life.

Living by Faith
Examines foundational faith doctrine with the express purpose of considering how we are to walk by faith in every avenue of life. Discusses the importance of trusting God in relation to Salvation, healing, deliverance, guidance, prosperity, ministry, work, and family.

The Body of Christ
Sets in order the Biblical principles of the New Testament Church and examines its operations. Topics include the Church at large, the local Church, submission and authority, love, church government, purpose, and the calling of unity among every part of the Body in order to accomplish the work of the ministry.

Bible Policy
Examines contemporary social issues through the lens of God’s Word in order to equip believers with a level of understanding that will enable them to confidently share the truth of the scriptures in a culture filled with competing arguments and philosophies.

Bible Policy Part 2
Examines additional contemporary social issues through the lens of God’s Word in order to equip believers with a level of understanding that will enable them to confidently share the truth of the scriptures in a culture filled with competing arguments and philosophies.

The Spirit Led Life
A practical study of how every believer can hear from God and be led by His Spirit every day. This course examines the various ways God directs us, how we can discern them, and follow His leading into the fullness of His plan and will for our lives. We look at the magnitude and great truth of the words of Jesus who said it is to our advantage that He goes away and the Holy Spirit comes to us.

The Prayer of Faith
This course examines how prayer was a vital part of the life of Jesus, the apostles, and the early church. Using the scriptures we will look at different types of prayer, what makes prayer effective, and how prayer is a crucial necessity in the life every believer. We will review how prayer is not a religious requirement of Christianity, but how it is a gift from God through which we can access His wisdom and power.

The New Command
Jesus gave a command to His followers that should not only shape the way they live every moment of every day of their lives, but it would confirm to the world the authenticity and credibility of the Church. This course examines the very nature of God, which is love, and the examples, commands, and empowerment we have been given to live out genuine Godly love and results that such a lifestyle brings.

The Christ
The study of Jesus, called the "Christ", the anointed one. Chosen and foretold by the Father, His coming was the focal point of human history, and His return will change the course of this world. This class will delve into the riches of the scriptures about His foretelling, His arrival, life, death, Resurrection, second coming, and His place as the Head of the Church. We will give special attention to the meaning of Jesus being referred to as "the anointed one" and what it means for us to be anointed with His Spirit.

God desires that we live free from the tormenting power of fear. His promise to us is that we might serve Him without fear. His very presence, His Spirit, and His love are the antithesis of fear. The goal of this course is to equip the children of God to triumph over fear in all its forms. We will also study how we are to serve God with a type of healthy reverential fear that has no torment in it. Even though we may live in a world or in days where there is much to fear, we can stand fearlessly because God is with us.

The God Who Heals You
Our God personally identifies as the God who heals, it is one of His names that He declares about Himself. This class is a study on divine healing including topics such as God’s will to heal, numerous ways healing occurs, receiving healing personally, and ministering healing to others.

The God of Increase
This course examines God’s desire for His people to increase in peace, wisdom, resources, and most importantly, bearing fruit. We study both God’s part and our part impacting increase and discuss practical steps all believers can take to experience more of God’s best in their lives.

Tier 2 Courses

Forerunners of the Faith
Examines the men and movements that have come before us to learn from their successes and failures. Follows the thread of certain doctrines throughout history to better understand the beliefs and position of the Church today. Creates context for the work of the ministry that is before us.

The Principle Thing
A study both of the importance and application of Wisdom. Begins with 1 Corinthians 2:6 and continues through the book of Proverbs and beyond. Reviews foundational truths in the areas of Wisdom, understanding, knowledge, honor, discernment, as well as skillful Christian living and leadership.

Advancing the Kingdom
Explains and describes the nature and reality of God’s Kingdom, beginning with the fact Jesus’ primary message that He preached while traveling Israel was "The Gospel" of the Kingdom of God, and repentance (Mark 1:14-15). Examines the work of the Kingdom now on the earth and in the time to come. Focuses on advancing the borders and influence of Gods Kingdom through evangelism, teaching, charity, and more.

Practically equips and prepares the students to be disciples and go out and make disciples. Examines the importance of integrity, holiness, faithfulness, and being an example. Prepares students to be mentors and to live a life that is above reproach. Considers what is needed to fully accomplish God’s will and purpose for each of our lives.

The Honor Of God
Peers into the very heart of God to better understand what He honors and how our lives can better reflect what is valuable to Him. Examines principles of honor and dishonor along with practical applications focused on better pleasing the Father, demonstrating fuller love for one another, and becoming qualified for greater service in the Kingdom of God.

The More Excellent Way
Examines the scriptural principles, examples, and directives for Godly marriages and families. Peers into God’s heart and desire for His children to have flourishing relationships and looks at the abundance of fruit that is available to those who follow His design. Equips believers not only to conduct their families according to God’s principles, but also prepares them to defend those choices. Sets out to reclaim what has been unknowingly lost in families through generations of settling for "doing pretty good" by zealously pursuing the more excellent way.

Lampstands and Leadership
Every child of a God is called to lead others to Christ, by example and action. Some are called to be captains of tens, of fifties, of hundreds, and thousands. A number are called to lead in the church. Many are called to lead in the home. And most are called to lead those who are younger and less experienced. We will rule of cities, we will judge angels, and we will point a dying world to the way of Truth. This class examines leadership and being a light according to God’s ways, principles, and examples.

Biblical Prosperity
This course examines the scriptural context and manifold meaning of prosperity, how it relates to the modern church, what the children of God can have confidence to see in their lives, and what actions on our part can either promote and hinder God’s desires for us in this area.

Angels, Demons, & Authority
This course examines the spiritual forces at work in the lives of all mankind and the authority that Christ Jesus gave to the sons of God to trample upon all works of the enemy. We study what the scriptures have to say about spiritual beings working on God’s behalf and those working on the enemy’s behalf. We work to obtain a balanced understanding of how angels and demons interact with our world and how God has empowered us to be agents of victory.

A Life Of Power
1 Corinthians 4:10 tells us that the Kingdom of God is not in word but in power. This course focuses on equipping the people of God to live in more than just knowledge and talk but to walk in power. We examine the existence and importance of power in the early church, in Jesus’s earthly walk, and in the days of the old covenant in order to inform and stir believers up to good works. Practical study into healings, miracles, and signs reveals how and why God did and desires to still do these things today through the hands of His children.